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Vibe News!

January 2014   

Vibe News from Carol Ritberger   


January is for reflecting, dreaming, and planning

The short days and the long winter nights make January the perfect month for taking time to recover from the holiday hustle and bustle. It's the time to reflect on all of your 2013 accomplishments, to dream about what you desire in the future, and to make plans for what you would like to manifest in 2014.

The energy of January encourages you to:

  • Slow down by choice
  • Deepen the connection with your spiritual nature
  • Sleep, dream, hibernate
  • Enjoy the winter ebb of life
  • Spend time by yourself, with yourself
  • Create the silent sacred space needed for reflection, pondering, and planning
  • Engage in activities that stimulate and flex your creative brain
  • Give your body what it needs to recharge its batteries and to rebuild its energy reserves
  • Create a new reality for 2014

The Word for January: Introspection

The value of introspection is that it brings the mind and the body into the present moment. It diverts our attention from thinking about the past or worrying about the future. Introspection connects us with our spiritual nature. Its presence indicates that we've entered into a time of rapid internal spiritual change.

Introspection is a conscious activity that causes the mind to slow down so it can enter into a place of stillness. The benefit of such stillness is, the mental chatter subsides, so we're able to hear the sounds of the present moment–sounds that are usually drowned out by the noises of daily activities. It creates the mental space needed to connect with our intuition so we can see, hear and feel what it has to share.  It frees the mind from the demands and distractions that are constantly bombarding it, so it can turn its attention to what's important rather than what's urgent. It creates the mental environment where the mind can wander, and ponder possibilities, and where it can dream and generate new ideas. Stillness makes it possible for us to connect with our true authentic self. The self that's un-tethered from reality. The self that's free of fear and limiting beliefs, and the authentic self whose behavior is driven by the desires of the heart rather than driven by the needs of the mind.

Introspection involves reflection, contemplation, dreaming, and planning. The value of reflection is that it makes it possible for us to revisit the past so we can use past experiences as the foundation for change. The value of contemplation is that it makes it possible for us to weigh the options that lie before us and to evaluate the consequences of our actions. The value of dreaming is that it creates a new reality and makes it possible for us to see ourselves in the future, living and doing what we desire. Dreaming brings forth new insights and neutralizes the emotional charges tied to our fears–fears that obstruct our spiritual growth and stop us from trying new things. The value of planning is that it puts us back in control of our lives and in control of the choices we make. It creates a game plan we can use to move forward with confidence and grace.   

Introspection is the act of observation. It allows us to observe our lives and our relationships so we can better understand our role and purpose within them. It encourages listening to our heart and paying attention to both the subtle and the obvious so we can better determine where we want to spend our time and energy. It heightens our awareness so we can see how we respond to our experiences, and it lets us observe both the positives and negatives, and the life-enhancing times and the life-diminishing times. Such observation is invaluable because it puts us in a position to make better and healthier choices. Introspection reconnects us with our personal power and supports our becoming the glorious beings we're intended to be.

Spiritual Opportunity

The spiritual opportunity introspection offers is that it aligns our energy with the natural order of things. It reminds us that we, just like nature, go through cycles, and that our lives will experience the same ebb and flow that nature does.
While many people see winter as the dormant stage of life, in reality is a very busy time in life. Nature is replenishing her resources and regulating her activities so she'll be vital and productive throughout the entire year. Take a moment and think about how winter is the time of the year when the soil replenishes itself with the nutrients offered from the fall foliage decay. It's the time when the seeds of spring germinate, and sprouts begin to grow deep below the cold damp surface. And, it's the time when every aspect of Nature–animals, plants, and trees use the ebb of winter to take advantage of the time to prepare for the next cycle and all that it offers.  

The same holds true for us. January is a time to spiritually nurture ourselves, to replenish our physical and energetic reserves, to allow new thoughts to germinate and to prepare ourselves for the spiritual awakenings awaiting us in the next cycle and throughout the entire year.

What Can We Expect in January

The energy of January reminds us that there is a duality in all that exists and there are times when the opposing forces, stillness (yin) and movement (yang), are in perfect balance and when they're add odds with each other. Together, these forces represent the dynamic interaction that creates all reality.

Throughout this month, we become keenly aware of these forces, and when they're at odds with each other and when they're in that moment of perfect balance. When the forces are at odds with each other they reveal that the air is charged with change. They bring to our attention that it's time to stop pressing and pushing and that it's time for us to enter into a state of stillness so we can figure out what needs to change. They're be alerting us that this isn't the time for movement or for making major decisions. Instead, they're asking us to take a deep breath, step away from current reality, and to consciously create the time for introspection, reflection, and contemplation.  They're encouraging us to let go of the distractions of life and to separate ourselves from situations, and people who emotionally drain us of energy. What can we expect if we don't honor the time of stillness? Decisions will be difficult to make and the decisions we do make won't produce the results we want. Any movement forward will feel hard and we'll struggle to make things happen. Our minds will be filled with confusion and we'll feel emotionally overwhelmed. The natural rhythms of the body will be off, and we'll feel tired and drained. And, no matter how hard we work or how much we do, there will seem to be obstacles in our way.

On the other hand, when the opposing forces are in that moment of perfect balance, they're revealing that the air is charged with movement and it's time to implement the changes we uncovered in the time of stillness. We'll find ourselves feeling revitalized and our energy levels high. We'll feel mentally and emotionally strong and our desire to move forward will be charged with enthusiasm. Our thinking will be clear and the decisions we make will just seem to fall into place as if being divinely guided. We'll experience moments of gratitude and deep appreciation for the opportunities life presents us. There will be a boost in our self-confidence and our sense of determination will be strong. We'll feel optimistic about the future and find ourselves engaging in activities that will move us to our desired outcomes. Change will seem effortless, and we might even find ourselves asking, "Why did it take me so long to get here?"

In the month of January, we can expect more moments of stillness than movement. Use January's energy to reflect, to dream, to contemplate, and to plan. Savor being in the present moment and relish the quiet time it offers. Use this time to let go of old ways of thinking so you can create the space for new thoughts.  Don't rush making any major decisions right now. Only think about them, dream about them, and visualize how it will feel once the decisions are made. It will also become obvious this month that there's a shift in the perception of time. It will be as if time isn't running on the same schedule as it used to. Consequently, we'll find ourselves experiencing how the present moment of "nowness" feels.

Affirmation for January

The thoughts I create move me closer to manifesting my new reality for 2014.


Use the energy of January to become more observant of your surroundings and to heighten your awareness of how you interact with other people, absorbing both the positives and negatives. Allow your imagination to engage you differently with what's going on in your life. Here are a couple of suggestions that can help you learn how to do that:
Choose a plant or animal and watch it for ten minutes. If you've chosen a plant, become the plant in your imagination. Visualize yourself as having stems, leaves, buds, blossoms, and roots. Close your eyes and feel your roots (your inner essence) reaching deep within the soil. Feel the strength of your stems (your gifts and talents) as they hold the leaves (your experiences) that represent your personal growth. Enjoy taking in the fresh air and feeling the warmth of the sunshine on your leaves. Imagine a bud (your self-expression) blossoming forth in all its glory, and see the beautiful flower as representing who you really are.

If you choose to watch an animal, imagine what it would feel like to be that animal. Observe how the animal is always present in the moment and how it's acutely aware of what's happening in its surroundings.  Imagine how simple life can be. Appreciate the people who care for you and care about you. Enjoy the warmth of the sunshine on your skin on a cold winter day. Practice stretching every time you get up, and enjoy going for walks. Relish the food you eat. Find yourself someone who likes to play with you, and enjoy the anticipation of the next exciting adventure. Pay attention to how your physical senses are focused on the subtleties of life.

The benefit of practicing these exercises is that they'll open up your imagination to different ways of seeing life and they'll help you become more observant of the subtle shifts in your own life.

This month, I encourage you to take the time to reflect on who you are; to savor your accomplishments of the past year; to dream about what you want your future to hold, and take the time to put together a plan of how you're going to get there. Then when the energy of movement arises you'll be ready and able to go.  One way to find out what's in store for you in 2014 is to schedule a reading now.

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Light & Love,

Carol Signature

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