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Psychoillumagery - a Personality Based Wellness Program

Psychoillumagery™ is a personality-based wellness approach created by Carol Ritberger, PhD. The term Psychoillumagery™ means shedding light (illumination) on the hidden, unhealthy psychological (psycho) thoughts and emotions that block good health and overall well-being, and changing them through words and imagery (magery). It's specifically designed to help individuals access the inherent neurological and biological qualities of their personality traits through the mind-body connection for the purpose of healing.

Through Psychoillumagery™, old neural pathways associated with habits, beliefs, and misconceptions are bypassed, and new neural pathways are formed. This process, called neuroplasticity and neurogenesis, makes it possible for the brain to reorganize itself for the purpose of (1) transforming the long-term implications of learned behavior and conditioning, (2) releasing the toxic emotional patterns trapped in the subconscious mind, and (3) positively changing the unhealthy psychological contributors responsible for physical illness and mental and emotional trauma.

The benefits of using Psychoillumagery™ are increased self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-worth, self-esteem, and self-love as ill thoughts are changed into healthy thoughts; unhealthy emotions are transformed into healthy emotions; undesirable behavioral patterns are released; and new, healthy behavioral patterns are created. This approach also evokes new, positive psychophysiologic responses, which facilitate and accelerate the healing process.

More importantly, Psychoillumagery™ improves the neurobiofunctioning of the physical body by changing the biochemical dialogue of the autonomic nervous system and the endocrine, immune, neurotransmitter, and neuropeptide systems, thus transforming the emotional memories stored at the cellular level, which is where illness begins and ultimately ends. Carol refers to this process as NeuroBioGenesis™, where thoughts are changed, emotional patterns are transformed, and mind-body well-being is restored.

Psychoillumagery™ uses a combination of modalities to achieve its results. These modalities include:

  • Personality Behavioral Psychology – We are born with an inherent preference for specific personality traits that determine and influence the internal mental processes associated with how we gather and process information and make decisions. And, while some aspects of personality are developed over time as the result of conditioning and learned behavior, and are therefore changeable, personality traits are not. This is because traits are neurologically hardwired. They're a fixed part of the genetic mental makeup of the brain and thus create predictable and observable thinking and behavioral patterns that serve as an integral part of our problem solving style, how we relate to and interact with other people, our sense of personal control, and our physical survival. When we override our personality traits, we experience strong feelings of compromise and stress, both which trigger a biochemical chain reaction that negatively impacts the health and well-being of the body. When we continually compromise our personality traits, we significantly increase our susceptibility to physical aches and pains, chronic illnesses, life-threatening illnesses, and mental and emotional trauma.

  • Imagery Imagery is an effective, noninvasive, and transformative tool that awakens the inner healer within us. The success of imagery lies in how it connects and utilizes the unlimited capabilities of the right brain in a way that the right brain translates those images nonverbally into intellectual and physiological responses that the left brain can act on. The end result is that both brain hemispheres are involved in the healing process. Through imagery, we access stored experiences, memories, beliefs, and emotional traumas for the purpose of reframing, reorganizing, releasing, and resolving unhealthy emotional patterns locked within the subconscious mind, thus promoting mind-body healing.

  • Perceptual Therapeutics Perception is an intellectual and cognitive process by which we utilize our inherent personality traits for the purpose of interpreting, organizing, and acting on the sensory information we receive. Consequently, perceptual therapeutics is an effective healing intervention because it utilizes all five sensory modalities—visual, auditory, kinesthetic, gustatory, and olfactory—to promote healing. Its purpose is to heighten our self-awareness of patterns including thought and behavioral patterns, and habits, beliefs, assumptions, expectations, judgments, and misconceptions that can be major blocks to well-being. Unhealthy patterns create psychological compromise, inner conflict, and mental barriers that form distorted, fixed, and limited perceptions. Perceptual therapeutics helps remove those patterns and limitations by constructing new, expanded, healthy, and adaptive perceptions.

    Since perception is intellectual and cognitive, it's possible to pinpoint the emotional stimuli that trigger compromise and that create negative defensive reactions, and to develop new, effective perceptions that will serve to remove the hidden contributors behind illness. Perceptual therapeutics focuses on illness and not disease, as disease is a pathologic change in an organism, and illness is the personal experience of the problem or a generalized state of mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Perceptual therapeutics helps to positively change our perceptions of disease, illness, and treatment, and our ability to heal.

  • Self-hypnosis Self-hypnosis is a self-induced state of consciousness that's used for changing perceptions, patterns, memories, and physical sensations. It works by evoking psychophysiologic responses that relax the muscles and calm the autonomic nervous system so the brain becomes receptive to receiving positive statements, autogenic phrases, and healing images. Self-hypnosis is effective for reducing pain, altering the physiologic processes, promoting healing, shifting perceptions, accessing emotional trauma stored in the subconscious mind, changing behavior, and dealing with psychological disorders such as anxieties, phobias, and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

  • Autogenics – Autogenics is a process where a series of brief, repetitive phrases are used to focus the attention of the brain on various parts of the body as a means of inducing change in those areas. This form of positive phrase reinforcement triggers a conscious change from within by gaining access to the natural, restorative healing qualities of the mind-body continuum. It's particularly effective in dealing with the hidden psychological contributors behind illness and trauma.

Psychoillumagery™ accelerates the self-discovery process, shifts perceptions, aids in the expansion of consciousness, and is an integral part of the psychospiritual approach to healing.

Psychoillumagery™ can be done alone or under the guidance of a certified NeuroBioGenesis™ practitioner.

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