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Radio Show Archives
2/27/2013 The Conversations with Carol Show
It’s the Conversations with Carol show. So fix yourself a cup of coffee or tea, and join me as I share my medical intuitive skills by answering questions about your health. For a full hour, I’ll be taking your calls and answering your questions about topic of interest to you, such as your health, your career, or your relationships. No specific topics, just us chatting and enjoying each other’s company.
2/20/2013 The Fine Balance between Spirituality and Health (Encore Show)
Discovering your spiritual nature is exciting, exhilarating, and personally liberating. Yet, if we’re not mindful, it can come at the expense of our health since it’s easy to forget about our physical needs. Join me as I discuss how to find balance between the spiritual self and the physical self.
2/13/2013 A Valentine's Day Message: Love Isn't Necessarily What Makes the World Go Round, but It Sure Makes the Ride Worthwhile.
As much as we would like love to be a one-size fits all in our relationships and would like to believe that each of us has the same love needs, or define love the same way and expresses love the same way, it just isn't so. Because you see, opposites really do attract, and love really is blind in the initial stages, but when that getting to know you excitement wears off, and those personality differences surface in a relationship, even the strongest of relationships can falter. Join me as I look at love from the perspective of the four personality colors Red, Orange, Yellow and Green and learn what you can do to keep your love alive and strong.
2/6/2013 Is Inflammation Getting the Best of You?
Join me and my special guest, Susan Smith Jones as we discuss how inflammation can be at the root of virtually every health condition from asthma, to arthritis, and even to irritable bowel syndrome. If you're one of the millions of people who suffer from allergies, diabetes, skin disorders, heart disease, and any other condition ending in "itis" then you will want to join us for this show.