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2007: A Message on Reconnection

Channeled by Carol Ritberger, for Thoth, Hierophant of the Melchizedeks, December 28, 2006

Greetings. It is good to be with you. I am Thoth, Hierophant of the Order of the Melchizedeks, a council of twelve non-physical beings who have been chartered by the Divine Creator to oversee the evolution of human consciousness. We have been summoned to offer insight into the energetic theme for the seventh year of the new millennium and the second year in the fifty-year cycle of healing, and to share with you the code words that will assist you in the healing you seek throughout this year. We offer this information as a form of guidance and to assist you energetically in the manifestations of your soul's desires.

We begin this message by reminding you that you exist on two dimensions – the dimension of matter, (physical,) and the dimension of energy, (spiritual,) and that both dimensions are constantly communicating and interacting with one another and are simultaneously mirroring the thoughts of the other. As a result, what affects one affects the other. Such is the Law of Correspondence.

It should be noted that at this time in the evolution of human consciousness it is the workings of the physical mind that is creating the thoughts that are driving the reality you are living. It is not the thoughts of the spiritual mind, (your higher-self,) or the thoughts of the divine mind, (the mind of Creator of all that exists.) As a result, the focus of your attention is directed outwardly rather than inwardly which causes you to experience a sense of separation both from yourself and from the Divine Creator. The risk of such thinking is that it creates a sense of myopia where all you see and react to is what is obvious and what is offered by your five physical senses. Such thinking limits the possibilities and keeps you hostage to old patterns of behavior and to old thoughts and beliefs. Let us explain. Your thoughts are the source of your experiences, whether positive or negative. So what you think, you become. What you become is the source of the quality of life you live. The quality of life becomes the source of your thoughts. Such is the Law of Magnetic Attraction .

If the quality of the life you are living is as you chose it to be, then both dimensions of self are working in unison and there is balance between the external and the internal. It indicates you are connected with your higher-self and are allowing its thoughts and perceptions to be a part of your every day decision making. Consequently, you experience less fear, engage in less negative self-talk, and find it easier to speak your truth and live a life of integrity, meaning to live a life free of compromise.

On the other hand, if the quality of your life is not as you desire, then it is time for change, for this is an indication that the two-dimensions of self are at odds with each other. Such discordance only exacerbates feelings of separation. As a result, your thoughts serve only the needs of your human survival and cause all attention to be directed outwardly, thus hindering your spiritual development and your ability to tap into and access the richness of your inner wisdom. Thought, when directed outwardly, causes the thoughts of your higher-self and your soul's intentions to go unheard, which leaves you feeling alone and unsupported. Such feelings cause you to experience a sense of compromise and it is the state of compromise that contributes significantly your physical ailments and illnesses. Such is the Law of Cause and Effect .

We also remind you that a life driven primarily by the thoughts of the spiritual mind is as compromising as a life driven primarily by thoughts of the physical mind. In such a situation, the focus of attention rather than being directed externally is directly internally, so it is easy to lose touch with the outer world and to live life as a recluse. Such withdrawal from the outer world leads to isolation, which too, has an adverse affect on your well-being and state of health. Take heed, there is a difference between solitude and isolation. Solitude creates the environment where the receptivity of thoughts offered both by the spiritual mind and the physical mind are intermingled, thus integrating the internal with the external. Such balance in thinking makes it easier for you to live your truth and manifest your desires in the outer-world. Isolation, on the other hand creates the environment of separation from your outer-world activities and from other people, both of which humans need if they are to grow personally and evolve spiritually.

It appears it would be helpful if we would remind you of your purpose on the earthly plane. You, in form, are the ones chosen by the Divine Creator to be the evolutionists of human consciousness and to serve as the spiritual conduit between the heavens and earth, so the thoughts of the divine mind become the thoughts of the physical mind and the thoughts of the physical mind become the thoughts of the divine mind. To assist you in the fulfillment of your role, the Creator has gifted all in human form with the ability to reason, to logic, to understand, to emote, to intuit, and to unify the thoughts offered by your two-dimensional self and then unite those thoughts with the thoughts of the Divine Creator. Isolation prevents you from doing so. Solitude makes it possible. When you allow the thoughts of all minds to form in union then you serve as the spiritual conduit, thus fulfilling the Hermetic Axiom: As above, so below. As below, so above. Such is the Law All Is Mental .

It is our observation, because of the questions you ask of us and the Divine Creator, and because of the interventions you request regarding your health, that you are finding it more difficult to maintain the connection between the two-dimensions of self and sustain the connection with the Creator. Without such connection, it is difficult for you to not only fulfill your evolutionary role, it is difficult for you to connect with your universal home.


As a result, the year of 2007 is the year of Reconnection. The reconnection we speak of is not reconnecting with old friends or long lost family members, nor is the focus of the reconnection external. The reconnection we speak of is reconnecting with yourself. It's reconnecting with the things you love, the things you love to do, the things that spark the emotion of passion, the things that bring you happiness and joy, and the things that strengthen the connection between you, your higher-self, and the Divine Creator. For these are the reconnective tools that will allow you to manifest the quality of life and health you desire. These are the reconnective tools that will quicken the restoration of balance and harmony that you seek. These are the reconnective tools that will form a vibrational bridge between the two-dimensions of your being and will open your physical mind to the infinite possibilities of the Universe. And, these are the reconnective tools that will liberate you from the mental trappings of your social, religious, and cultural conditioning.

The presence of the energetic theme of reconnection indicates that human consciousness is on the brink of taking a quantum leap in how life on the earthly plane is perceived and how it will be lived. Reconnective energy re-wires, re-tools, and re-codes the workings of the physical mind so there is no longer a tendency for separation between the external and the internal. Both will become one, and the ability to integrate the thoughts offered by both the physical mind and spiritual mind will occur without compromise and suffering.

The reconnective process will require you to devote time to your own needs and develop a regimen of self-care, for your body and mind have grown weary and are in need of a reprieve from the demands and distractions of the outer world. There appears to be little time in your daily activities where slowing down of the mind occurs and where solitude is welcomed. Without solitude there is no time to reconnect with your inner needs and desires. There is little time for relaxation or engaging in play. Without either there is no opportunity to be present in the moment or the luxury of creating thoughts that will generate new ideas or offer alternative solutions to the many problems that are now consuming the activities of the physical mind.

We observe the struggle, strife, and suffering that have befallen the earthly plane and understand the concerns and fears which consume your physical mind. This is the time of decay in the grand cycle of evolution and decay means the death of what was. Yet, decay is not the end, but merely the beginning, and is a necessary part of the evolutionary cycle if there is to be new creation. This year of reconnection will create the proper environment for renewal and transformation. It will be a time where the five elements will play an instrumental role in influencing the activities you engage in throughout the year. Be mindful of the cycles of nature and follow their lead, for this too will have a significant impact on your ability to manifest. As with the cycles of nature, there is a time for action and a time for pause – a time for renewal and a time of letting go.

Such is the Law of Rhythm and as such the Year of Reconnection will follow these ebbs and flows:

  • The winter of 2007 will align with the energy of the first element, which is ether and will be a time for rest and a time for solitude. It is the time to seek the guidance of your inner wisdom and to allow your spiritual mind to plant the seeds of new thought. These thoughts will flow unrestricted. The winter will also create the proper environment for those new thoughts to germinate unseen and unspoken for they will be hidden under the unresolved debris of 2006. It will be the time to create your personal (inner) goals so they can influence your professional (outward) goals. For if the goals aren't created in this order then you will be at odds with yourself and find it difficult to manifest later in the year. You will also not experience the emotional gratification you desire in your accomplishments. The winter of 2007 will be the time to think about how you can better fulfill your evolutionary role and to identify the changes required in order to do so. However, remember the winter is not the time for action, but rather the time for reflection.
  • The spring will welcome the energy of the second element of air , thus creating the proper environment for the seeds of new thought to break ground. Air represents the ability to reconnect with the Divine Creator who breathes life into all that exists. This time will mark the beginning of a new cycle and change will be in the air. The Spring Equinox will create the proper environment for you to move into action so you can begin to manifest your ideas and goals and do so without compromise. Your mind will be refreshed by the solitude of the winter and, as a result be more receptive to the thoughts offered by both the physical mind and the spiritual mind. It will be as if you have awakened from a deep slumber and will see the beauty of spring as if for the first time. You will find great pleasure in the subtle rather than the obvious. The air will be charged with hope which bodes to the shift in your consciousness.
  • The summer will be the time to enjoy and to reconnect with the things you love to do. This time in the cycle will align with the element of fire , which represents passion. You will find yourself craving to do the things that you have long desired to do and to reconnect with nature. It is important that you allot the time to do so, for that will bring forth the child within that has long been oppressed by conditioning. Do something daring and different. This time in the cycle creates the proper environment to take a risk and move away from what is familiar. The Summer Solstice will mark the time of manifestation. However, not necessarily the manifestation of money or wealth, but the manifestation of your dreams. It will be a time to check the things off your list that will prepare you for fall.
  • The Fall Equinox will find you reaping the rewards of your efforts and having the opportunity to savor your accomplishments. Its energy will align with the element of water , which represents movement and fluidity, and reminds you to go with the flow. You will find yourself amazed at how many of your goals you have already achieved. You will also find yourself re-evaluating the goals left on your list to see if they are still important. Do not be surprised if you discover the reason the goals have not yet been accomplished is because they are goals driven by your fears or by other people's expectations. This recognition alone will prepare the fertile ground of the physical mind so it will be ready for the new thoughts, goals, and the direction that will be offered in 2008. The beauty of the fall colors will remind you of your own beauty, so savor your magnificence.
  • The Winter Solstice of 2007 will be a time of global unrest and you will find yourself once again wanting to retreat into the solitude of your mind. The questions you will ask will force you to look deeper within. You will find them to be charged with strong emotions, both positive and negative. You may find yourself asking, “What can I do to change worldly affairs, and how can I help those who are caught in the throes of chaos, unrest, and suffering?” Your attention will turn from “me” to “we” as you will remember you can make a difference. This desire to make a difference will be strong as will the need for your voice to be heard. Compromise will no longer be an option, for the year of 2007 will have shown you how strong and powerful you are in your ability to manifest and how you can make a difference. The energy of the winter will be that of the Earth element, which represents the need for grounding, and to be present in the moment. It will mark a time where your attention will turn to the needs of Mother Earth, for she is struggling to provide you what is necessary to sustain life on your earthly plane. The teachings of the Great Pymander (Divine Creator) tell of how the earth is your nurse who has agreed to provide you a safe haven and a home. However, she needs your help.

The Reconnection Process

Because you are sevenfold in nature, meaning that you run seven vibrational frequencies of energy in both your physical and spiritual bodies, it will be necessary for you to reconnect on all seven frequencies if you are to find the balance and harmony needed to heal what ails you. Let it also be understood that the reconnection process must take place in the order offered, for it follows the natural rhythms of your being. Begin the process of reconnection at the crown of your being and work your way down through your physical body to the root of your spine. You may notice that this process is different than what you have been taught as far as running your energy. The norm is to begin the flow of energy from the root of the spine to the crown. The reason for the difference in approach is that it makes it possible for you to step-down the wisdom of the Divine Creator into your everyday activities, thus fulfilling the Hermetic Axiom: As above, so below.

  • The first step in the process is to connect with your higher-self, for it is in this self where you will find the subtle joy and pleasures of life and where you will remember your evolutionary role. The energy of this connection will serve as a barometer to alert you when the thoughts of the spiritual mind, the divine mind, and the physical mind have formed a union or when they are at odds with each other. This connection also serves as the energetic lifeline between you, the Universe, and all that exists. You will know this connection is vital when you find pleasure in the simplicity of things.
  • The second step in the process is to reconnect with your intuition. After all it is the voice of your soul and is how the thoughts of the spiritual mind find expression and integrates with the thoughts of the physical mind. Your intuition serves as the inner navigator for your soul and is intended to help you avoid situations charged with compromise. The reconnection with this aspect of yourself will free you from the trappings of your mind and will liberate you from old patterns of thinking. You will know this connection is vital when you experience moments of enlightenment.
  • The third step in the process is to reconnect with your divine inner voice for it is the voice that speaks your truth and is not reflective of others truths and opinions. When you speak your truth and share the great wisdom you hold inside, others will follow suit and will also speak their truth. You will know this connection is vital when what you say holds great power over the creation of your reality.
  • The fourth step in the process is to reconnect with your spiritual heart for it is the home of your soul. The heart is where you find the qualities of self-love and self-acceptance. It is the heart that brings a smile to your face when you touch it. It is the heart that sees life through the eyes of a child - where everything is new, everything is exciting, and everything is in divine perfection. You will know this connection is vital when you find yourself smiling for no apparent reason. It is just that you feel good inside and as a result feel good outside.
  • The fifth step in the process is to heighten your awareness of your thoughts. It is the only way you will become consciously aware of the quality of those thoughts. This requires that you listen to your self-talk. When it is supportive, praise it. When it is not, change it. When thoughts are charged with negativity it is difficult for the spiritual mind to offer its perspective. It is difficult for the focus of attention to move from external to internal, and virtually impossible for the physical mind to find solitude. You will know this connection is vital when you find yourself asking,  What if, or seeking time for reflection and introspection.
  • The sixth step in the process is to embrace your emotional needs and not to suppress the expression of emotions. After all, emotions are how your soul lets you know when the physical mind and spiritual mind are at odds with each other and when you are in compromise. Your emotions are the greatest gift of your physical expression for they make it possible for you to feel love and to express it; to feel joy and to live it; and to feel disappointment so you may recognize what needs changing. You will know this connection is vital when you find yourself engaging in random acts of kindness and when you experience more positive emotions than negative ones.
  • The seventh and final step in the process is to reconnect with your body, for it serves as the celestial vehicle for your soul to find physical expression. Be present in the moment and pay attention to the needs of your body. Rather than asking your body to work around your life, change your life to work around the needs of your body. In doing so, you will provide it the proper nourishment for sustaining good health. You will give it the rest it needs to restore and rebuild itself. When it has aches and pains pay attention to where they are for it is your soul's way of telling you that there is compromise or that the minds are at odds again. Learn to trust it can heal itself, for it is designed to do so. Remember it cannot heal when it's weary and when it's experiencing compromise. You will know this connection is vital when there is fluidity in your movement and when you are free of aches and pains.
When all steps of the reconnective process are completed you will find yourself experiencing the most amazing sense of connection with all that exists and will find yourself experiencing a sense of empowerment to make the changes you desire. You will experience a sense of freedom unlike anything you have experienced before.


The energy of 2007 holds within it the theme of censorship. Yet, do not be fooled by this statement for the censorship we speak of is not the censorship of your truth. It is the censorship of speaking other's truths, for their truths do not serve you well and will only causes you to experience compromise and suffering. As you speak your truth, you may find that others will become uncomfortable or disagree and may even resort to behavior that tries to guilt you back into old behavior. You may find yourself being directly confronted by those who will challenge your thoughts, convictions, and goals. Do not engage with them for that is what they want. Turn inward and do not lose sight of your convictions. In doing so, you will avoid the trappings and chaos of the external world. Remember you know who you are.

It will be important this year to maintain a fierce inner awareness for this will strengthen your character and thereby put you in a position to transform the external strife you witness externally. Do not push, but flow. Do not drive others, but allow them to find their own path and learn to speak their own truth. Remember you can change the forces of chaos.

Censor the pettiness in your life and rid yourself of the rhetoric and minutia of other's thinking. Censor any feelings of superiority for they are the feelings of fools. Seek to be the conduit between the heavens and earth so peace may be the norm and censor any thoughts that cause you to believe you are unable to accomplish such a feat. Seek to create clear and concise thoughts for those thoughts will provide the light in this time of darkness. Seek to walk your own path and march to your own drummer and censor any form of conditioning that tells you that you cannot. Remember, it is a wise person who knows there are many paths.

The 2007 Code Words

We have been asked to share with you the code words that will serve as inspiration as you move forward throughout the year. We remind you that words are energy and whether spoken or unspoken they hold great power over your thoughts and actions. There are three words this year, and while each one appears to be separate from the others, they are all interconnected and interdependent, for these words serve as the foundation of the quality of your life. They are also powerful words that will quicken the reconnection process.

Truth – Find your voice and speak the words from your true self and not from self-reflecting conditioning and external influences. Let your heart choose your words when you find others are challenging your thinking. Remember your heart knows the truth even when your mind is demanding proof. When you follow the truth of your heart, you will not compromise your principles, convictions and goals. By speaking and living your truth you will strengthen your connection with the Divine Creator. You will not lose sight of your inner needs nor find it difficult to live a life rich in compassion, creativity, and gentleness. When you speak and live your truth, you will live life from the core essence of your being. You will remember that you are the divine light and are here to serve as the conduit between the heavens and earth. There is an old adage that you humans use that applies at this time. That adage is, The truth will set you free.

Trust – The importance of this word cannot be expressed strongly enough in the reconnection process. You are being asked to integrate the thinking of both minds so that group consciousness will change and will be free of the destructive patterns descending upon the earth. When others confront you and challenge you trust that you are okay and trust that your intuition will guide you where you need to be. Trust that it will never lead you astray as will the obsessions and wanderings of the mind. Trust the process of life for it will provide the experiences that will move you forward on your evolutionary journey. Trust that you will find the answers to your questions if you look inward rather than outward. Trust that you are not alone, but instead are an integral part of the make-up of the Universe. Trust that you can move mountains without brute force by merely by changing your thoughts. Trust that there is an invisible world that is as real as the earthly plane and trust that you will always be supported by the Divine Creator for you are its child.

Integrity – To live a life of integrity means to live a life driven by the motivation of self-love. It is to live a life from authenticity – speaking your truth and trusting your inner wisdom. Integrity is holding steadfast to your true nature and requires that you do not compromise your values and principles. Integrity brings into expression both dimensions of self and does so with the strength of character reflective of your divine essence. A life of integrity allows you to bring into expression your natural talents and strengths for these are the true expressions of your soul's purpose. Living a life of integrity is participating in the co-creative process with the Divine Creator and being consciously aware of your thoughts and actions. It is paying heed to what you say and how you say it. Living a life of integrity is to live a life full of laughter and rich in the qualities of love, gratitude, hope, compassion, joy, peace, happiness, abundance, wonderment and awe. It is being true to who you are and never wavering from what you believe in. The secret to living a life of integrity is to “Know thyself.” It is to know and understand the inherent motivations that drive the way you think and act the way you do. Living a life of integrity is just being who you are.

Speak these code words every day and hold them in your heart and mind, for they are the source of your strength and inspiration throughout the year. They will protect you from the forces who seek to control you. They will prevent you from falling victim to external influences and they will liberate you.

We close with these thoughts:

  • Those who do not reflect the personifications of external influences will become illuminated.
  • Those who do not define themselves by others' standards will be distinct and live a life of integrity.
  • Those who do not speak the truths of others will find themselves free.
  • Those who do not take advantage of others' weaknesses will be successful.
  • Those who share their stories without self-pity will serve as an inspiration to others.
  • Those who see themselves as part of the co-creative process with the Divine Creator will be the creator of their own destiny.
  • Those who dare to march to their own drummer will be the leader of the band.

This ends our message on reconnection. And, so it is.

It is the desire of these non-physical beings who are the Order of the Melchizedeks, a group of evolved teachers and overseers of the evolutionary process, to let us know how much we are loved and how much we are supported in our quest for self-understanding and spiritual enlightenment. They offer their insights to provide the clarity and the guidance needed for us to move forward confidently and without struggle on our evolutionary journey.

© Copyright 2009 by Carol Ritberger, Ph.D., Medical Intuitive, and the Ritberger Media Group

Please feel free to share this information and distribute it as you wish. Its copyright, however, prohibits its sale in any form except by the written permission of The Ritberger Media Group.