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2008: A Message on New Beginnings

Channeled by Carol Ritberger, for Thoth, Hierophant of the Melchizedeks, January 8, 2008

Greetings. It is good to be with you. I am Thoth, Hierophant of the Order of the Melchizedeks, a council of twelve non-physical beings who have been chartered by the Divine Creator to oversee the evolution of human consciousness. Our presence has been requested to offer insight into what you might expect this eighth year of the new millennium and the third year in your fifty-year healing cycle. We've also been asked to share the prevailing theme and the code word for the year. As requested, the theme is New Beginnings and the code word is Courage .

However, before we provide further insight into the actual workings of the year, we must share the importance of this year as it pertains to future of humankind. To begin, this is the eighth year of the new millennium. The number eight represents universal consciousness and is the sign of union. It's also the third year in the healing cycle. The number three represents trinity, mind-body-soul harmony, and the union between humankind, the heavens and the earth. In the Hermetic teachings the first axiom is: As above, so below. As below, so above. While this axiom describes the relationship between the heavens and earth, it also describes humankind's role in the fulfillment of its intention, for without you to serve as the electromagnetic conduit between the two, the union of heavens and earth would not be possible, nor the union of the divine mind with the mind of man. Without this union, it will be difficult for your genus to reach the state of enlightenment you so desire.

How is it that you serve as the conduit so union may be formed, we hear you asking? The answer lies in the first Universal Law - All is Mental. You serve as the conduit through thought. Be mindful the mind is the builder and all that exists and all that you experience is first created in the form of thought. Yet, there is a duality in thoughts - thoughts of the divine mind, what you call cosmic consciousness, and thoughts created by the mind of man. You refer to these thoughts as human consciousness. Without the merging of both forms of thought, the ability to reach enlightenment is greatly diminished, for one frees you from limited thinking while the other makes it possible to manifest what you desire. In addition, without the merging of thoughts, universal consciousness is unattainable.

To assist you in this merging of thoughts, your brain has been created in a way that it too has a duality about it. One side sees the obvious and the other side sees the obscure. These two divergent perspectives make it possible for you to create thoughts holistic in nature. There are other great marvels in your mental functioning that make you unique; you're capable of creating original thought, you're able to attach emotions to your thoughts, and then use those emotions to discern the quality of your thoughts. Remarkable indeed.

Yet, as we have observed in the evolution of your human consciousness, the quality of your thoughts have eroded to the place where they betray you, for they have created a group consciousness that separates you from the heavens and even your own home - Earth. As a result, you've forgotten the important role you play in the union process. You've even separated the very nature of your being. You've separated the spiritual self from the physical self.

The outcome of this separation is that it drives the power struggles and the need to control other people and even to control other countries. Such struggles are threatening your very existence and yet as a genus you continue. Such actions are questionable, for it's the separation in thinking that causes you to not trust your own inner council and to look to others to tell you what you should do. It's this separation that fosters scarcity thinking and that makes it difficult to manifest the abundance that is yours. It's this separation that is the source of your suffering and that prevents you from accessing the consciousness of the heavens - the consciousness that reveals there is no separation.

As you move forward throughout the year, it will be of utmost importance for you individually and collectively to keep this revelation around separation foremost in your thinking as this year of harmony and trinity will be the guiding force behind your words, actions, and deeds.

Let us offer insight into what you might expect in this year of New Beginnings:

  • The year 2008 beckons the beginning of a new consciousness, which was disclosed by the Mayans in their time keeping systems. These systems foretold of a time when the thoughts of the Divine Creator would be welcomed back onto the earthly plane. Their Tzolkin, known as the Long Count and its glyphs, reveal the cosmic memory activation tools used to initiate the changes in the mind, in the DNA, and in the memory held within the cells so the shifts in consciousness necessary to move human evolution forward would occur. Be mindful, however, while this is the year of new beginnings, it is also the ending of a 26,000 year cycle where the mind of man has ruled the quality of one's thoughts, thus perpetuating beliefs of separation between the heavens and earth. It is for this reason we offer the code word, Courage .
  • You are entering into a time of spiritual regeneration where the focus of thinking has shifted from the individual to the collective, thus ending the cycle of the philosophy of Separation. The new prevailing philosophy for the next 26,000 years will be Oneness. Within this philosophy lies the realization all is connected by a living field of transformational consciousness, so what affects one, affects the other. The presence of this philosophy instills a sense of responsibility for the words you speak and accountability for your actions. Consequently, it will be difficult to blame others for your circumstances or to hold them responsible for the quality of your life. In blaming others you are blaming yourself.

Be it known that the philosophy of Oneness embodies enlightened consciousness and creates a harmonic polarization between humankind, the heavens and earth. As Lightworkers, you came together globally to initiate this polarization in 1987 in the Harmonic Convergence and reinforced it individually in the Harmonic Accordance when you were asked to hold the thought of oneness vibrationally in your energy field. In doing so, you created a vibrational stargate that accelerated the unification process making it possible for Earth to become illuminated by December 21, 2012 as prophesized by the Mayans.

  • It appears you've grown tired of suffering and no longer see value in its presence. As a result, 2008 is the materialization of a transmutation process making it possible to live a life void of suffering. For the last hundred-year life cycle, your genus has suffered tremendously. We have observed the famines, the epidemics of illnesses, the great depressions, the wars, and the human genocides. We've observed your struggle to release yourself from relationships and beliefs that nourish your fears around rejections, betrayal, and abandonment - fears responsible for the deepest of your human suffering.
  • On April 23, 2008, there will be a major shift in your perception of emotions. You'll see them as an asset rather than a liability and will learn to value the messages they send. Rather than seeing them as a weakness, you'll see them as powerful allies assisting you in the discernment of the quality of your thoughts. If the emotions experienced are negative, they are an indicator the thoughts are negative. Conversely, if the emotions experienced are positive then the quality of thoughts are positive. You'll also become aware of the enormous impact negative emotions have on your life and your health, and will understand how they're undermining your self-confidence and self-esteem. It is this increased awareness that will serve as the impetus to let go of what causes you to agonize and to suffer.
  • On October 6, 2008 there will be another energy shift that will entrain your appreciation for emotions. You will find yourself using emotions to define the emotional boundaries necessary for you to remain healthy.
Before we move on, we remind you that letting go is necessary for New Beginnings. The body and the mind will need to remove what's unhealthy if they are to become healthy. The code word Courage will provide the confidence to let go and to move into the stage of Transcendence.

  • This year will entrain the desire to live from the heart. When we speak of living from the heart, it isn't to negate the value of thinking or to encourage the avoidance of logic, for the enlightened consciousness requires both. As with the union between the heavens and earth, there will be a union within the workings of your mind. This union will end the struggle between the two hemispheres as each tries to gain control over your thinking. The result is an expanded consciousness that offers a more holistic perspective of life. You'll find that, as the obvious and the obscure are merged, you'll gain a deeper understanding of what you desire. And, when words and symbols are merged, it will become clear what you must do to manifest your desires.

    Living from the heart honors the still point in the thinking process where you take the time to evaluate the opportunities, explore the possibilities, and carefully weigh the options. It's where the mind, the body, and the soul are all working in unison to ensure the manifestation of your heart's desires. Living from the heart is when you no longer reason as a human. Instead you become the Divine Creator of your own destiny.

    Living from the heart welcomes in the energy of your ethereal heart and your soul heart, and fills the abyss between mind and body. The presence of this energy heals what ails you as it transmutes the unhealthy thinking responsible for illness. It revitalizes, energizes, and rejuvenates the physical body. It lifts the spirits and creates an optimistic attitude. It brings forth a new appreciation for life and for the ability to love and to be loved.

  • The year will be electrified with change and will support the release of what no longer serves you well. In letting go, you'll be liberated from the mental perceptions that foster the breakdown of your thinking and that hold you hostage to old beliefs. Your world, as you know it, is in great disarray, and chaos is the norm. As with all change, these factors are necessary so your patience for the status quo will run short and your willingness to let go will be welcomed.

    The perception of human consciousness covets scarcity and fear-based thinking. It encourages beliefs that are dis-empowering and that lead you to believe you aren't magnificent. Such thoughts limit what you become and are the motivation behind the need to control, even at the expense of many lives and of your home, Mother Earth. Yet, there lies within you a latent seed of greatness making it possible for you to become what you desire. As you release yourself from the limitations in your mind and the expectations of other people, you'll experience a renewed sense of freedom - a personal liberation. As a result of this liberation, your mind will fill with thoughts offered by the divine mind. You'll find yourself open and receptive to new ideas. Your body will be less encumbered with heavy thoughts that are responsible for the heaviness you feel in your body and for the added weight you carry. Your soul will be free to offer the intuitive guidance and direction needed for you to become the master of your future. Your heart will be liberated from suffering.    

  • The year will welcome in the seventh stage in the evolutionary cycle - the Stage of Transcendence. This stage sets in motion the creation of an energetic portal - a vortex where the union between the heavens and earth occur without effort and where your genus can rise above and move beyond your past. In this stage, there is a sense of selflessness as you see yourself as an integral part of the vast universe and come to understand your importance in the evolutionary process. Transcendence raises your vibration allowing the soul, the mind, and the body to work in a cooperative manner. It creates a harmonic accord between the three so all experience the state of enlightened consciousness. It bridges your soul and the mind of man with the soul and the mind of the Divine Creator. It's this union that is Oneness.

Will all humans experience these elements of New Beginning, we hear you ask?  The answer is yes. All will experience each and every one, yet not all will be aware of them. For some, their thoughts are heavy with suffering so they will choose to move more slowly. For others, they have been freeing themselves from heavy thoughts for a long time. Consequently, they are well versed in what's needed, so they will move more rapidly. Neither is right or wrong, just different in their contribution to the momentum of New Beginnings.

The 2008 Code Word - Courage

Each year we share with you a word or words to hold foremost in your thoughts and to use as a means of manifesting that which you desire. The words we offer are intended to serve as an inspiration as you move forward throughout the year. Our desire is that the words will assist you when you are caught in the throes of doubt and uncertainty or when your thoughts are betraying you. We remind you that words are energy and that they serve as the attractants of your experiences, so use them wisely and think them wisely, for words spoken or unspoken are the same.

Again, we must regress to 2007 The Year of Reconnection. The code words we shared with you were Truth , Trust , and Integrity . We offered if you spoke your truth, you would come to trust yourself and would be receptive to listen to the truth of your inner council, your intuition. In doing so, you would live in the integrity of your light, meaning you would honor who you are and not allow others to compromise that uniqueness.

We are offering only one word this year as it will protect you and will comfort you when you find yourself experiencing the loss necessary if there are to be New Beginnings. The word we offer is Courage . Yet, we see courage differently than your contemporary definitions. Let us explain.

We see courage as your willingness to be in matter and to address the social, economic, political, and global unrest which are the result of fear-based consciousness. We see courage as the inner desire to harmonize the vibration of your mind, body, and soul. We see the presence of courage as raising your vibration and forming a protective cocoon so you will become impervious to the perceptions and expectations of the outer world. We see the energy of courage as being the attractant of your spirit guides and angels and the call to action so they may better serve you in your time of need. We see courage as the merging of the head and heart so you will have access to both your acquired knowledge and your inner wisdom. With the integration of these two, we see courage as the impetus that turns your focus inward so you may find your own answers. We offer how it takes a great deal of courage to live up to your full potential and to manifest your soul's purpose on your earthly plane. In addition, we offer these attributes associated with courage:

  • It's a state of mental and emotional well-being
  • It's a sense of empowerment that occurs when you feel valued and heard
  • It's a sense of connectedness to your soul and to other people
  • It's a sense of purpose that provides you with a mission
  • It's a vision of your true potential and gives you the fortitude to bring that potential into expression
  • It's the confidence you feel when you move forward on your spiritual journey

Speak this code word every day and hold it in your heart and mind, for it is the source of your strength and inspiration throughout the year. It will protect you from the forces who seek to control you. It will prevent you from falling victim to external influences. It will liberate you.

This ends our message on New Beginnings. And, so it is.

It is the desire of these non-physical beings who are the Order of the Melchizedeks, a group of evolved teachers and overseers of the evolutionary process, to let us know how much we are loved and how much we are supported in our quest for self-understanding and spiritual enlightenment. They offer their insights to provide the clarity and the guidance needed for us to move forward confidently and without struggle on our evolutionary journey.

© Copyright 2009 by Carol Ritberger, Ph.D., Medical Intuitive, and the Ritberger Media Group

Please feel free to share this information and distribute it as you wish. Its copyright, however, prohibits its sale in any form except by the written permission of The Ritberger Media Group.