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2009: A Message on Deliberate Action

Channeled by Carol Ritberger, for Thoth, Hierophant of the Melchizedeks, Beginning December 21, 2008 and Ending February 14, 2009

Before I begin the channeling, I wanted to share that the message on Deliberate Action is different than the other messages I have channeled for Thoth and the Melchizedeks. To begin, unlike the other times where I requested their presence and asked for their assistance in helping us understand what is happening or what we might expect in the coming year, they came to me and asked for my assistance. They shared how humankind has entered into a new era of consciousness and how important it is for all to think responsibly; to speak truthfully and to act with integrity. They explained how critical the next few months will be in establishing the thought patterns that will entrain this new consciousness into our everyday actions. They shared how 2009 opens a multidimensional portal of time and space and how that portal will make it easier for us to manifest more quickly and with less effort. That is if we know clearly what we desire to manifest.

Another difference is rather than the message being downloaded in its entirety at one time, the Message of Deliberate Action was downloaded in snippets over the course of 56 days. When I inquired about this, Thoth shared how their intent was for us to be able to see and experience how quickly thoughts and energy were moving and changing. Yet, at the same time recognize that all are merely a part of the whole of the greater message. In doing so, they thought it would help us understand why it has been so difficult for us to focus and concentrate, and why it's so important that we hold on to our visions and desired outcomes. For indeed, this has been a time of chaos and emotional distractions and where scattered thinking has caused many to feel they are caught in an abyss of stagnation.

Unlike previous channeled messages, this message speaks of changes more universal and global rather than individual, for they would like us to see the impact thoughts and actions have on all that exists. Consequently, they offer insight into the changing value of money, the impetus behind wars and what we can change if there is to ever be world peace. They talk about climate changes, the shortage of water, health, miracles, healing, and of hope. They explain why 2009 will be a life-altering year for all of humankind.  

Another difference between the message for 2009 and the previous messages is rather than offering a code word or words such as courage (2008), and truth and order (2005) this year the council offered an affirmation that we're to hold steadfast in our thinking, because it provides the guidance needed to navigate these changing times. That affirmation is trust in yourself . In doing so, your inner wisdom will formulate your thoughts; your inner healer will heal what ails your body, and your soul will direct your words, actions and deeds so you will free yourself from the bondage of self-doubt.

One final difference between this message and the others is rather than offering steps for us to take Thoth offered what sounded like a warning. Yet, in truth it is the missing key to unlock the secrets to manifestation. That key is things are not as they appear . Hold steadfast in this remembrance as it will ensure that all actions are deliberate and purposeful, and all are globally responsible. 

Light & Love,

December 21, 2008 – The Winter Solstice

Greetings. It is good to be with you. I am Thoth, Hierophant of the Order of the Melchizedeks, a council of twelve non-physical beings who have been chartered by the Divine Creator to oversee the evolution of human consciousness. We have requested our host to assist us in the sharing of insights and wisdom that will be of great importance as humankind moves into a new consciousness and experiences these darkest of times. We encourage you to not become filled with fear as these unsettling times are necessary if the old is to perish and the new is to be created. We remind you of your earthly saying; The night is darkest before the dawn .

It is true that this is a tumultuous time as your earth is burdened with thoughts that focus on uncertainty, chaos, collapse, and fraught with an apocalypse of energy shifts and climate changes. However, think of your earth as just removing what no longer serves her well so she can get back to the sustainability she is designed to provide for all that exists. Shift your thoughts from the dark to the seeing the light. We offer this so you may become aware that the veil between you and the heavens has lifted and humankind has entered into the era of enlightenment consciousness.

What do we mean when we refer to enlightenment consciousness? It's a way of thinking that is expansive yet encourages one to be mindful and responsible for the quality of their thoughts. It's a way of being that allows one to move effortless with the ebbs and flows of things. It's a way of thinking that focuses on repair and rebuilding and takes into consideration the good of all rather than the greed of one. Enlightenment consciousness puts an end to the limitations created from your earthly prejudices and biases and removes the mental barriers reflective of the past. This consciousness is void of self-doubt and cynicism as it utilizes the intellect of the mind, the wisdom of the heart, and the knowing of the soul. It places no more value on one over the other.

Enlightenment consciousness makes it possible to act on what is real and true rather than what one has been led to believe. This consciousness restores the trust in those who lead, for it attracts those who are enlightened leaders and it restores the faith that everyone can make a difference. The energy of enlightenment consciousness is renewal, action and forward movement, thus making it possible to rise above and move beyond at any given moment with just the changing of a thought. It is the consciousness that alchemically merges the thoughts of the human mind with the thoughts of the Divine Source so the truth of the one is the truth of all. It sees the differences in people, yet doesn't act adversely to those differences. It is the consciousness of hope.    

This ends this message. And, so it is.

December 29, 2008

Greetings. It is good to be with you. I am Thoth. We have come to continue the dialogue on Deliberate Action.   

Be mindful when your attention focuses on the workings of the outer world for the prevailing thoughts are around fear and scarcity. We caution you to not fall prey to such thinking as things are not as they appear . They are merely the illusionary remnants of a consciousness that is in the final throes of its existence. In our observation of the mind of man, we have come to understand the power the mind has over the manifestation process. If one looks for darkness then darkness is all they see. If thoughts are charged with fear, then fear attracts the experiences to feed itself. If one does not trust themselves then they will not trust others. It is an insidious process where one thought begets the other.

Yet, if humankind remembered that things are not as they appear , they would find the light they seek and the darkness would be no more. They would find within decay the opportunities that lay buried just below the surface. They would gain the clarity needed to manifest what they desire in the present moment and in the future. Where is the light? It is in the quality of your thoughts and it is in the emotions of the heart. Combined they make it possible for you to find the guidance you seek and to move in the direction you desire.

We offer that this is a time of spiritual transformation where you are safe in the womb of your own being, reconnecting with your soul, replenishing your energy for the activities of the Spring Equinox, and observing and planning the course of your life. At this time, you may find yourself unmotivated and having to press just to get through the activities of the day. This lack of motivation is not that you are stuck or idle in your mind. It is because the energy of the present moment is not supporting the forward movement that replicates the actions of the past. At this time, you are being guided to conserve your energy for the time that supports the forward movement of deliberate action.  

We have observed in your thoughts that many of you think of this time as the Dark Night of the Soul. This is truth. Yet, not as your mind envisions it. This is a time to be still and to allow. It is not necessary to rehash the woes of your past or to revisit the dramas and traumas of your life. This serves no purpose other than to cause your head to hurt. Such actions only create more mental and emotional anguish. It is also not necessary to contemplate your current state of affairs. Instead, it is a time to be, to play, to remember what in your life has true value and meaning, and to ask yourself, “What am I good at?”, "What do I enjoy doing?”, “What can I do to enrich my life and the lives of others?” The dark night of the soul is the time to explore and a time to dream. It is a time for personal celebration and a time for renewal, for the womb of the soul shields you from the workings of the outer world and provides all that you need to exist.

We encourage you to be still and observe. Things are not as they appear.

This ends this message. And, so it is.

January 2, 2009

Greetings. It is good to be with you. I am Thoth, Hierophant to the Order of the Melchizedeks. We have once again requested the presence of our host so that we may share the importance of this year in the evolution of human consciousness.

The year of 2009, embodies the energy of the number two, which is the balance between masculine and feminine and the inner and outer and the number nine, which is the number of completion. The number nine is the number of the triple trinity where the mind, the body, and the soul form an alchemical union where all are valued – equally. Combined, they form the number eleven, which is the master number of creativity and the master number representing the expression of the higher self. 

In the evolutionary process, the year of 2009 ends one grand cycle and begins another. Let us explain. All that exist flows in cycles and within these cycles are progressive stages that make it possible to measure forward movement. The cycle that has just ended was the time for searching and discovery where the focus was to gain a greater understanding into the workings of one's own being. In these stages, the universe supports the desire for self-discovery and encourages taking the steps necessary for personal growth to be experienced. The result is that one comes to know oneself. Now, earth is entering into a new cycle where the stages are focused on deliberate action. These stages require moving beyond the past, recreating yourself, rebuilding your life, changing what causes you disappointment and unhappiness, and moving forward in the direction of your desires. In doing so, you will live an enlightened life.

Deliberate action requires being present in the moment so you are sure that the actions taken support the choices you have made. It is easy to become distracted or swayed by other people's opinions and expectations. By being focused on your choices and doing one activity at a time you will accomplish your desired results without your mind becoming scattered in many directions. It will also make it easier for you to stay on task. The dynamics around manifestation are changing – they are quickening. What this means is the length of time between the creation of a thought, action on the thought and the manifestation of the thought happen without as much effort. It is because of this quickening we encourage taking the time to think through your choices before acting on them as they will also affect the collective consciousness more quickly. If you are mindful of the power of thought and how rapidly it travels the field of universal consciousness, you will discover the power you have over your own fate and the fate of others.

Here are some things that you might expect to experience this year of deliberate action:

There will be four major shifts in both thought and energy that will occur throughout the year. Each of these shifts will occur approximately one month prior to both the equinox and solstice of your calendars.

The first shift is February 2, 2009. This shift will beckon the signs of an early spring as the desire to do something fills your thoughts. You will experience the need to change even though perhaps not knowing what. The seeds of thoughts and choices you made in the winter will now drive your behavior. You will continue to witness the fall of corruption, greed, and the establishments that are irresponsible in their activities. You will move beyond your survivalist instinct and rather than feeling alone, you will experience that you are connected to more than just your earthly home. You will see that the universe is there for you and that the shift of consciousness from fear-based to enlightenment consciousness has happened. You will find yourself hopeful and even optimistic about the future. You will stop comparing yourself to others as you will become aware that doing so isn't the best usage of your time or your money. Emotional distractions will diminish and you will seek to establish relationships that are reciprocal in nature. You will act upon changing what is not in alignment with your inner truth and you will no longer engage with people who lack integrity. You will desire to try new things and to change your ways. You will notice a difference in how you cope with situations for there will be less inclination to accept the status quo or what other people tell you. You will find yourself having to trust your inner instincts rather than listening to your logic. 

The second shift occurs May 22, 2009. This shift will be energetic in nature as you will find yourself being attuned to the new emerging consciousness. This attunement will lead to an even greater clarification of what you desire and the actions you take will feel more meaningful and purposeful. While time is quickly passing, this shift will make it feel like it is slowing down so you can catch your breath and so you can reevaluate your current status, reconsider pending decisions, redirect your attention, and replenish your energies. This slowing down of time will allow you to see life as a series of meaningful moments rather than seeing it as the wasting of years. By shifting your perception, each moment will be more valuable and each action more deliberate. Consequently, you will find yourself desiring to schedule discretionary time so you can enjoy the activities that bring you enjoyment and that encourage creative expression. You will have the chance to step back and see that time is merely a state of mind that you can control it by managing your perception of it. The expectations associated with it will lose their hold over you and the anxiety it creates will subside. Time will become more precious, and how you use it more meaningful, as you realize that it is the only thing that you cannot replace.

The third shift will occur August 9, 2009. To help you understand the difference between where consciousness is now and where it has been, we must regress and look back in your history. Ten years ago was a pivotal time for humankind as your planet experienced many solar and lunar changes in the month of August. Astrologically, there were fixed grand crosses in both the earth's charts and humankind's charts. These grand crosses revealed the coming of dark times where consciousness would be split between separateness and oneness and the tension between the two would become so great that an energetic tear would occur in the veil between the heavens and earth. However, rather than viewing the tear as the opportunity to heal the differences in consciousness it became the beginning of war, hate, human genocide and human destruction to the point where the value of life was lost. It was at this time that humankind entered once again into the darkest of times of human evolution. The first time was in the dark ages when war and destruction prevailed. 

Yet, in that darkness, many of you found yourselves aligned with the natural laws of existence. In doing so, you began a ten year journey to finding the light of hope. Unlike that time where hope was often fleeting, it will now guide your actions. You will find yourself optimistic about the future and will look forward to what lies ahead for you. Many will experience setbacks and others will lose jobs, however it is for naught as they will find new ways to provide for others and for themselves. When there is loss, the opportunity to be creative flourishes. When there is change, there is the need for new services and products. This shift will encourage following your dreams and desires and will support taking risks and investing in yourself. It will be a time to learn new skills and to share the skills you have with others. It will be the time to follow your inner guidance and to trust in yourself, and thusly your economy will improve so the sense of lack and scarcity will diminish. This will be a time to utilize your resourcefulness and act on what you desire. 

The final shift will occur November 21, 2009. The rebuilding of your social and economic structures will be progressing in a positive direction. Many political structures will have also been rebuilt and the differences between people will have been put aside so the good of the all can be the prevailing driving force behind political actions. The voice of the people will drive many of the changes at this time as the acceptance of what they are told will no longer be the case. There will be a resurgence of community as more people will stay closer to home.

People will step forward and share resources. The building of community will become a global effort and move beyond the borders of countries. Value systems and the usage of money will continue to change as people redefine their needs. The value of life will become important once again so the passiveness to accept war will diminish. People will seek more things to feed their soul. There will be a sense of resolve where pleasure will be found in the simple things in life. Gratitude will be the prevailing emotion as will the expression of gratitude. The focus of attention will be more on home than work. Greater value will be placed on family and friends than in the past. Love rather than fear will drive behavior. This will be a very different state of mind than even in the fall of 2008, and while the problems of the past will not be completely resolved, humankind will find themselves inspired and reengaged in life and looking forward to 2010.

This ends this message. And, so it is.

January 8, 2009 

Greetings. I am Thoth, Hierophant to the Order of the Melchizedeks a council of non-physical beings who have been chartered by the Divine Creator to oversee the evolution of human consciousness. We once again come to serve as messengers, and the messages we bring today are messages that are more global and international rather than individual, as the need to build global relationships are of the upmost importance for the survival of all.  

Your world will continue to be at odds if some sort of resolution is not found. The wars of the past will continue and they will escalate. Ultimately, they will change. However, the changes will not be due to one country overpowering another as has been in the history of your planet. Wars will change because they will no longer be supported. This evolution in consciousness is long over-due. Many have died as the result of differences. Unfortunately, humankind believes it can resolve differences through war. Yet in actuality all war does is make the differences between people less tolerable and reveals that humankind has forgotten that they are all one people. We have observed that humans are passionate and believe strongly in their truths. This is as it should be. However, the wars that are currently plaguing the earth and causing such destruction are not wars that are fighting truths. They are wars fighting over resources such as money, oil and land. It is the fear of scarcity that is fueling the wars your earth is now experiencing. 

We ask you to think about peace and what it means to you. Then ask yourself what you can do to bring forth the peace you desire in the world. Once you define what peace means to you, start to live it in your own life and in your own relationships. Hold the vision for world peace in your mind and then look for ways that you can assist in making it a reality. Find ways to help the people who are caught in the throes of war. Speak out for what you believe. This is not a time to be passive or accepting of what is occurring in your world. We have observed that humankind has great courage and can and will overcome adversity. We marvel at your ability to embrace change even if uncertain how the change will ultimately affect you. You are a people of truth, compassion, and love. Hold steadfast in those qualities for they are the qualities of world peace.

Changes in your government will continue and the role it plays globally will change. There will be the rekindling of relationships with countries that lost their trust in the ability of the government to lead. Many countries will struggle within their own borders and will look outside for help. Be there for them as they have been there for you. There will be a change in world power. Instead of one country assuming the role of leadership it will be the union of many countries. There will be tests of power and the countries that were not viewed as threats to world peace will become so.

The value of money will change and the prevailing thought for 2009 will be conservatism. People will spend for what they need and then for what their desire, but the spending of money for the want will fade away. The use of money to fill an inner void will be a thing of the past. It is not uncommon, as we have observed, for people to eliminate activities that offer a reprieve from the stressors of fear and that bring them joy and hope. If you are unable to do these things, call on your creativity and it will create the resources needed. Support those who offer such services so they may remain viable. Change your needs and you will find the resources to manifest your desires.

Regarding the changes in your leadership many of you are hopeful of those changes. You knew it was needed and you are responsible for the change you have created. Do not fall into the trap of fickleness by being swayed by what you are told. Things are not as they appear . Your leadership embodies the energy of the new consciousness and believes strongly as you that things must and will change. The world is observing your actions and follows your lead.

Humankind is gifted with the most powerful healing emotion that exists and it is that emotion that separates you from every species that graces this earth. That emotion is hope. However, hope is not wishful thinking. It's the emotion that inspires achievement, sparks creativity and moves you forward no matter what challenges lie before you. The year of 2009 embodies the energy of hope as it lies at the root of deliberate action. We ask that you be mindful that no matter what you hear or see or experience, and no matter how dark the times, call on hope to support you. The result is that you will rise above and move beyond where you are today.

When you have more hope than you need, share it with others. When you need hope, ask others for their help. Hope moves you into the new consciousness and distances you from your fears and survival thinking. Survival thinking causes you to withdraw and fosters deprivation. It causes you to believe that you are all alone and unsupported. That it's you against the world. We ask, “What world?” Your earth is not against you. The world of the body is not against you. The heavens are not against you. We without form are not against you. Who is against you? What war are you really fighting? It is the war within and your perception of survival. If you are to bring peace to your inner turmoil, create your own hope.

Your earth will experience drought in parts of the world that have always had abundance. Your thoughts should turn to conserving rather than wasting. The cost of water will rise as it will become a valuable commodity and a way for countries to rebuild their economic infrastructure. However, unlike the past where the charging for resources have gone unchecked, there will be the creation of both a national and international governing body that will monitor the process to see that greed does not drive the decisions being made. Technologies that have developed ways to convert salt water into drinking water will flourish as will the development of new technologies.

2009 will be a year of miracles. Many people will survive when they should not. The gift of miracles is that they foster hope. There will be breakthroughs in medicine and the way illness is treated. Diseases affecting the masses such as AIDS will diminish as new cures will be found. The children you are creating are miracles in the sense that they are different in their makeup and are designed to transmute many of the ailments of your world. They are miracles in the sense that they are your teachers and have come to teach you how to find joy and to remember what is truly important. Watch them play, observe their interaction with others and their need to build relationships. Marvel at their ability to be hopeful and listen to what they have to say. It is the qualities of a child that will heal the differences in the world. They are here to show you how much the evolution of consciousness has changed. 

While we have shared much about what you might expect this year, remember that it is an important year and a meaningful year. It is the dawning of a new age. The year will be what you think of it and how you see it. It will be what you make of it. If it is seen as a sequence of memorable moments then you will accomplish much this year and the deliberate actions you take will attract what you desire.

This ends the message. And, so it is.

February 2, 2009

Greetings. It is good to be with you. We come to share good news as the stagnation of darkness has lifted and it will be easier for you to move forward toward your desires. It is a time to spread your wings and to fly.

We liken this time in human evolution to the life cycle of the butterfly. As with the caterpillar, humankind has been bound to the scope of their surroundings. Living, eating, sleeping and existing. The prevailing thought has been around survival. Some would venture beyond their surroundings and most would not return. Those who were left would wonder whatever became of them and questioned if they had fallen victim to their prey. As a result, the fear of change has kept many from venturing beyond their safe surroundings. Then something changed as more people became disenchanted with the limitations of their surroundings. They began to dream of different places where life would be different.

This is when humankind entered into a time of metamorphous. They began building their own cocoon (the womb of the soul) and embarked on a journey that would forever leave them changed. Inside the cocoon there was a different sense of safety and security. Rather than relying on outer sources for their survival, they found themselves fulfilled by their own inner resources. They intuitively knew that the universe would provide and that they were not alone. They knew there was a community of like-mind chrysalises who were all dreaming of the same thing.    

Over the course of time the winds have blown and the seasons have changed, yet even through all of this they have trusted that this is where they were meant to be. Then over this winter solstice, something changed. Many began wiggling, moving, and seeking to free themselves from their cocoon. Today marks the emergence from the cocoon and the dawning of a new era. In the coming months, you will focus on drying your wings and getting your bearings. You will find yourself renewed and enjoying the freedom associated with your new way of being. You will move about and spread your wings. You might even take a few test flights.

For those who are still in the cocoon your time will come. Trust in yourself.

For those who chose to stay in safe surroundings, you will wonder what has happened and if those who changed will ever come back. Perhaps now is the time for you to leave those safe surroundings and find what others have found in their new way of being.

We encourage you to look at the butterfly you have become and enjoy the freedom of movement it offers.

This ends this message. And, so it is.

February 14, 2009

Greetings. It is good to be with you. We come to share our final message in the series we have offered. This does not mean that we will not be there for you. We always will be. We love you and are here to support you and offer guidance when requested.  

Today is a special day throughout the world. It is the day where love is celebrated and where hope fills the air. It is a day to love and be loved. Today begins the process of global healing and the building of relationships. It is indeed a time to celebrate your life and a time to express gratitude for all that you have. Appreciate the difficult because it is in those times your true self reveals its strengths. Appreciate those who are different and set aside those differences.

The day of enlightenment consciousness has dawned and it is time to emphasize humanitarian efforts and to co-create social justice. It is time to reach out to those in need and do so without conditions and expectations. Your efforts will be returned ten-fold. Add to your thoughts love, peace, compassion and hope so this consciousness can permeate the thoughts of others. Observe the subtle, and you will find what you seek.

Today enlightenment consciousness will forever guide your behavior. Rejoice to be alive in these magnificent changing times. Live the moments wisely. Stay on task and hold your vision and all that presents itself will be rich with opportunities. Remember that things are not as they appear.

Think love and you live love. Think abundance and you will live abundantly.

This ends this message. And, so it is.

It is the desire of these non-physical beings who are the Order of the Melchizedeks, a group of evolved teachers and overseers of the evolutionary process, to let us know how much we are loved and how much we are supported in our quest to create what we need and what we desire. They offer their insight to provide the clarity and guidance so we can move forward confidently and without suffering on our evolutionary journey.

©Copyright 2009 by Carol Ritberger, Ph.D., Medical Intuitive, and the Ritberger Media Group.

Please feel free to share this message and distribute it as you wish. Its copyright, however, prohibits its sale in any form except by the written permission of the Ritberger Media Group.