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2011: A Message of Inner Guidance

Channeled by Carol Ritberger January 8, 2011

Greetings. It is good to be with you. I am Thoth, Hierophant of the Order of the Melchizedeks, a council of twelve non-physical beings who have been chartered by the Divine Creator to oversee the evolution of human consciousness. Our host has requested our presence to share insight on what you might expect in this preparatory year of 2011?the year of Finding Your Way.

The energy of 2011 is a potent and forceful energy that's designed to transform the way you serve the world. It's a pivotal year in your spiritual development as you prepare for the quickening of consciousness that will transpire in the year 2012. Because of the force and the speed in which this energy will move you forward, you may find yourself feeling out of sorts, having difficulty measuring your progress, and losing your mental bearings. This will greatly impact your ability to manifest, unless you turn inward and seek the council of your inner guidance, for it will serve as a compass, making it possible for you to stay on course. If you follow your inner guidance without reservations, then you will make significant strides in your quest to live an enlightened life, and you will find your own meaningful path to the light.

So, we begin this message by reminding you that you are equipped with an inner guidance system that makes it possible for you to navigate through the conditioning of your humanness and that allows you to make the necessary course corrections when needed. However, in order for your guidance system to function as designed, you must be mindful of the present moment, for it's only within that moment that you are consciously aware of whether what you are thinking, saying, or doing is in alignment with your inner truth or not. It's also within that single moment that you can make the necessary shifts in thinking that will once again align you with your soul's purpose and that will produce the outcomes you desire.

We have observed over the course of the year 2010 that the root of your frustrations in finding resolve and what's causing you to lament about feeling stuck lies within the workings of your mind and not the workings of your soul. This is because your soul only knows to follow its inner guidance. Your mind has forgotten. We find there are many reasons for this.

To begin, you have forgotten how to trust yourself. You allow self-doubt to override your instincts. Self-doubt is intended to slow the activities of the mind so it can pause and evaluate the quality of information it's receiving and ponder the choices it makes to ensure they're plausible and for your highest good. So, the code word we offer for 2011 is the word trust. Yet, we do not speak of trusting others; we speak of self-trust?trusting yourself, your inner guidance, and your connection with the Universe.

Be mindful that words have tremendous power as they are thoughts put into action. Words are energy and play a significant role in the Law of Attraction. Words can liberate you from your past, or they can keep you trapped within it. Words form future thoughts, create attitudes, shape your character, and change your DNA, because your cells are always listening to what you say. Consequently, words affect you mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

The word trust reinforces your connection with yourself and with the Universe and awakens your mind to receive guidance from your inner wisdom. Trusting yourself frees you from your fears, quells your insecurities, and brings you into the present moment. While love is a renewable source of energy from the Universe, trust is something that you must create and re-create when needed. Trust, by human design, begins within your being, and it can only permeate your thoughts if you allow it to. Trusting yourself is part of the inner tenacity that keeps you moving forward on your spiritual journey even though the process may feel difficult and arduous. It cultivates courage and encourages you to live your truth.

Trust and transformation are synonymous, as both words move you beyond your past and into the present. When you trust your inner guidance, you find solutions to every difficulty, and you feel reassured that you're making the right choices in your life. To experience self-trust requires a decision on your part, and, in fact, is a chosen approach to life. Plus, the rewards are many as it is trust that allows you to close your eyes and to see what is real.

Now, let us continue our observations. We offer that another reason for your frustrations is that it has become the mindset of humans to live more in the future than to live each day. We observe you planning your tomorrow and many morrows and then worrying about what those tomorrows may bring. All this does is rob you of those precious moments of life. When the future drives you, it's difficult to experience satisfaction or feel satisfied in the activities and interactions of the day. Such future focus is like chasing a hat in the wind. It seems impossible to catch because it's always out of your reach. Consequently, you don't get to experience the joy that comes from catching it.

The multitasking you demand of your mind leaves little room for creativity, quality thinking, dreaming, anticipation, introspection, and contemplation?all of the elements that are an integral part of your inner guidance. You see, without creativity, you repeat your past. Without quality thinking, it's difficult to slow the activities of the mind down and direct its focus. Consequently, you're not able to access your inner guidance. Without dreams, it's difficult for you to open your mind to the world of endless possibilities. Without anticipation, you miss the excitement of discovering what life offers. Without introspection, you're not able to step out of the busyness of life to see if you're still on course; and without contemplation, it's hard to heed your own council.

Yes, it's true that the human mind is capable of many functions, yet scattered thinking isn't one of them. A scattered mind attracts chaos, leaves you prone to making wrong decisions, and makes it difficult to find quality time to do the things that will restore and rejuvenate your body and that will spiritually fulfill you. In effect, a scattered mind creates an energetic, frenzied mental state that blocks you from hearing the messages your inner guidance is sending.

When we speak of your inner guidance system, we're referring to the system that uses many different forms of expression that are part of your human design?the inner guidance system you call intuition. This system is neither complex nor requires laborious mental analysis. Its design is free of malfunction, and its purpose is to serve as a tool for discernment to help you gain your inner bearings. It can tell you whether you're speaking your truth or speaking someone else's, and it can help you recognize if you're moving in the direction you desire or are allowing others' opinions, expectations, and demands to determine your destination. The expressions that your inner guidance uses are determined by two emotions?anger and love.

When anger is present, your inner guidance system alerts you that you're experiencing some degree of compromise and are experiencing a power struggle within yourself. As your mind fixates on the compromise, it becomes more frenzied, thus setting off a chemical chain reaction, perpetuating the compromise and producing anger. When your mind and body find themselves in these situations, it's difficult to hear the messages provided by your inner guidance?messages that can tell you what's necessary to restore mental tranquility and physical calmness. The result is that your inner guidance uses expressions such as stress, emotional distress, burnout, body aches and pains, muscle tension, anxiety, nervousness, stomach upset and pain, headaches, and ill thoughts, which distort your self-perception and create mental blocks, analysis paralysis, and strong negative emotions that undermine your sense of self and make you feel disempowered. These expressions create negative attitudes that color your perception of life, alter your behavior, and impact your health to tell you that change is needed and needed now.

On the other hand, when the emotion of love is present, the mind is open and receptive to new ideas and possibilities, and rather than fixating on a problem, it seeks solutions. You feel comfortable in your skin, hopeful, and excited about life. There is a feeling of being in sync and in the flow of life. You're free of suffering, and even the challenges of everyday living seem less daunting. It's easy for you to speak your truth and share your emotions. You laugh and are playful. The messages from your inner guidance flow freely without consciously having to think about what's being said. You allow your body to direct you and listen to what it has to say. You aren't encumbered with self-doubt because you trust yourself and listen to your instincts. The expressions you experience are joy, happiness, peacefulness, bliss, satisfaction, self-confidence, pleasure, gratitude, excitement, awe, purposefulness, creativeness, positiveness, courageousness, calmness, and inspiration.

The exquisiteness of your inner guidance system is that it doesn't send mixed messages nor does it try to convince you to go against your inner knowing. It doesn't engage in wishful thinking nor does it create compromise. Its messages are well-defined, and the only

thing it requires is using it, listening to it, developing it, and allowing it to be a part of any choices you make when you're experiencing confusion or are vacillating on deciding what's best for you.

In our desire to be of service, we share these messages with you. It is our hope that they will help you reestablish connection with your inner guidance and will remind you to trust the insights it provides. Then, not only will you be able to find your way, you'll be able to find the spiritual roots that provide the basis for enlightenment.

We offer the following words to assist you in reestablishing and strengthening your connection to your inner guidance system:

  • Believe in yourself and in your inner guidance.
    Keep an open mind and observe all that crosses your path. Trust your instincts when your heart tells you it's genuine. Listen to your stomach for it will validate when what you're feeling, hearing, and observing is truth and when it is not. Accept the wisdom your inner guidance offers for it only embodies the truth?your truth. Remember that the significance of your inner guidance doesn't lie in the process of receiving it, but in its ability to heighten your awareness so you can see beyond the obvious and find the truth in every situation.

  • Relinquish mental struggles and accept the truth of your perceptions.
    When you feel discouraged, try releasing all mental busyness by focusing your attention on one thing. Recognize when you're sinking in the quicksand of old thoughts or stuck in old patterns of behavior. Accept the truth of your perceptions, and rather than putting the energy into convincing yourself they're wrong, accept them as right. Then those perceptions can serve as the catalysts for change needed to once again put you on your spiritual path.

  • Value your life without hesitation and discontinue the need to justify your existence.
    No two people are the same. You have your own uniqueness and your own way of doing things. Don't allow the perceptions, expectations, and demands of how others see life cause you to devalue yours. Remember that the preciousness of life is found when time doesn't drive your actions. Remember that the journey of life is to seek and accept the blessings of life, and remember that it's your inner guidance that leads you there.

  • Listen to what you say to yourself for your rational dialogue keeps you stuck in old perceptions.
    The significance of your inner guidance is that it moves you beyond old perceptions and changes the conversations you have with yourself. Beneath the rational dialogue and the mood swings that dialogue creates lie the world of your spirit and your inner mind. It's this inner mind that makes it possible for you to create, formulate, and translate your truth into the words you speak and the actions you take.

  • Allow guidance to flow through the reverent observation of words, actions, and deeds.
    Today, more than ever, open your mind to the insights your heart offers. Look to nature to understand the cycles of things so you won't find yourself at odds with who you are and thus block the truth that lies within you. Grow into being more introspective and more able to perceive, and expand your perceptional abilities so you can see through the illusions of life. Read the physical, emotional, and spiritual energies of the words others use, and watch for the nonverbal clues that will tell you of their intentions.

  • Seek your inner guidance to direct your life so you can consciously live your soul's purpose.
    If you remove the constraints of your mental barriers, you will awaken the grace within you. Your inner guidance is a natural expression of your humanness and teaches you to observe your life from a deeper perspective. This enables you to move through life without the constraints of your past and to rise above human suffering.

Your inner guidance system has many forms of expression and offers many different paths to self-awareness and self-understanding:

  • Inner guidance awakens the qualities of resilience, empathy, and spiritual leadership.
    Resilience is expressed in your ability to overcome obstacles by shifting your perception of those obstacles. It's to accept things as they are and not as they seem. It offers courage and inspires empathy toward others. Empathy teaches you to trust your inner instincts and honor the differences in people in a non-judgmental expression. It brings forth the kindness of your nature and allows you to view others' lives through their eyes. Spiritual leadership guides you to accept your larger role in life and to recognize that you already have the foundation of spiritual understanding that will make it possible for you to use your inner wisdom in a more uncompromising manner.

  • Inner guidance moves you more deeply inside yourself.
    Through introspection you are able to reconnect with your spiritual nature and reawaken your strong bond with all that exists. Inner guidance encourages you to focus on the experiences that your soul has brought to you, so you are better able to learn from these experiences and to use them as instruments for change. In doing so, you will flourish from them rather than just surviving them. You will find insight, inspiration, and integrity in how you deal with life.

  • Inner guidance assists you in making choices with greater calmness and inner peace.
    Making choices from the perspective of your soul, your heart-mind, and your "being" allows you to make them in accordance with your truth rather than based on the needs of your analytical or outer mind. Consequently, you find a calmness and serenity in your choices and know them to be right for you. When the outer mind drives your choices, it's difficult to experience a sense of satisfaction. It is this lack of satisfaction that perpetuates the struggles you feel in trying to reach your goals. It is what causes you to have to work so hard in accomplishing them. If you are to find lasting satisfaction for your actions, then your choices must be made from your inner guidance. The benefit is that reaching your goals will be effortless rather than difficult.

  • Inner guidance reminds you that you are not alone in the work you came here to do .
    Living life through the eyes of the outer world causes you to feel alone because you seem to be the only one who is pushing for the positive changes that will remove the barriers of the established status quo. You wonder whether you have the inner fortitude to continue the process, which seems endless. You wonder if you are capable of staying on purpose and remaining dedicated to your mission because there seems to be so much resistance and so much mass comfortableness to stay with the status quo even when that status quo is so destructive to the human spirit. Your inner guidance reminds you that you are strong and skilled in being an instrument of change. It reminds you that you are a lightworker who has chosen this time to grace the earth with your presence so you may be a part of this great shift of consciousness. It reminds you that you are part of an empowering network of light that will, through your thoughts, words, and actions, accomplish what you came here to do. It brings forth the knowing that you are never alone nor do you have to carry the burden of the work alone. The Universe and all that exists support your actions and embrace you in their hearts when you feel tired or discouraged.

  • Inner guidance demystifies the delusions created by the outer world .
    The constraints of the human perception of time drive you to believe there is only limited time in which to do your work, accomplish your goals, and meet your essential needs. If you look at time from the perspective of your inner guidance, you will see that you have unlimited spiritual time, which will make it possible for you to accomplish all that you came here to do without being encumbered by the presence of struggle, suffering, and stress. This shift in perception will free you from your impatience when progress isn't happening fast enough. It will eliminate your feeling stuck and will stop you from overriding the wisdom of your inner guidance and shortcutting the essential spiritual change and growth that make it possible for you to do your work in the truth and integrity which is uniquely you.

We close with this affirmation and encourage you to speak it daily as its words have great wisdom and power:

See your body strong as an ox,
See your memory keen as an elephant,
See your inner guidance through the eyes of the eagle.
Then you will have the strength, the mental clarity,
and the heightened awareness to find your way.

This ends the message. And, so it is.

It is the desire of these non-physical beings who are the Order of the Melchizedeks, a group of evolved teachers and overseers of the evolutionary process, to let us know how much we are loved and how much we are supported in our quest to create what we need and what we desire. They offer their insight to provide clarity and guidance so we can move forward confidently and without suffering on our evolutionary journey .

©Copyright 2011 by Carol Ritberger, PhD, Medical Intuitive, and the Ritberger Media Group

Please feel free to share this message and distribute it as you wish. The copyright, however, prohibits its sale in any form except by the written permission of the Ritberger Media Group.

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