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2006: A Message of Hope

Channeled by Carol Ritberger, for Thoth, Hierophant of the Melchizedeks, December 22, 2005

Greetings to all of you in matter. I am Thoth, and we are pleased to be with you and that you have come to us for our insight into the sixth year of the new millennium. This is indeed an exciting time for you as it is one that those in matter have been evolving towards for many thousands of years. However, before we can begin with the new, I feel we must revisit the fifth year of the millennium for it was pivotal in what will take place in this coming year and for future years.

The year 2005 was the year of Alchemy, and it presented to you experiences and opportunities to make it possible and easier for you to transform old emotional hurts and transmute patterns of behavior you believed were inhibiting your ability to move forward in your quest for personal understanding and spiritual development. We in light supported your actions for we have witnessed for thousands of years your struggles with such matters.

In our conversation with the one you call Carol, we shared that there would be in the waning months of this year a major shift in consciousness and told of how this shift would be perceptional in nature and would alter your earthly interactions with others and with the relationship you have with yourself. We explained how, within this time, there would be great clarity, and told how this clarity would make it easier for you to make different choices – better choices and healthier choices. How you would be in a better position to differentiate your truths from other's truths. How your thinking would no longer be driven by guilt or fears, or shoulds and should nots, or need too's or have too's. We offered how it would be more difficult for you to engage in thoughts and behavior that were not in alignment with your soul's intentions or sustain thoughts that were counterproductive to your life's work. We must remind you though we were quick to add that we without form understand your human tendencies to want to remain with what is comfortable, with what feels safe, and to stay with what was, rather than to embrace what could be. Nevertheless, if you remember, we also told you that we always hold you in love and will hold the space for change should you so desire to exercise it.

Carol, you asked us about the word or words for the year and we told you there were two that would help you (referring to the collective) energetically in your quest for enlightenment. These two words were truth and order , the energy of the 5th chakra and the 7th chakra, and offered how these two words working in tandem would not only shift your consciousness, they would make it possible for you to speak your soul's truth with ease and grace, and with self-confidence. We reminded you that it was of up-most importance for you to speak your truth and for others to speak their truth if all are to do their souls work in the integrity in which it was intended. We suggested that if you spoke anything less, then your soul's work would remain hidden behind the veil of forgetfulness and your thoughts would continue to deceive you and prevent you from bringing to expression your life purpose.

The second word we offered was order , and our intent in sharing this word was to remind you that within the Universe there is a hierarchical order through which all must adhere to if they are to attain the enlightenment they seek. We offered that there were no express lanes or short-cuts, nor can you bypass any of the steps in the evolutionary process, for to do so would not provide you your desired results. We explained how there has been a fallacy that has evolved in human thinking that supports your looking outward for your answers and that seeks the direction and input of others. We reminded you there is a risk in doing so, for it distracts you from heeding your own council and from relying on your inner guidance. We reiterated how words are energy, and explained how there is a great vibrational disparity between the words, direction and guidance , and how direction imposes others' opinions on your actions and reflects their truths. We explained how it is guidance that reflects your inner wisdom and brings voice to the truth of your being. We offered that if you are to be the evolutionary catalyst you're intended to be and if you are to fulfill your destiny in the evolutionary process, then you must remember and understand the order of the Universe. You must learn to move adeptly through the evolutionary steps if you are to attain alchemy and transmute your thoughts from impure to pure or from lead to gold.

You inquired about the timeframe of the shift in consciousness. We forget of your connection with time, so we accommodate your request. The shift we are referring to occurred October 5-7, 2005. We told you that it would only be three days in aspect, yet its consequences would greatly affect the future. Because of the nature of this shift being in alignment with a Fixed Grand Triad, you in matter were told you would experience its affects 45 days prior to the shift and would experience its implications 45 days following the shift. We offered insight into some of the changes you might experience prior to the shift, some subtle while others not. We told of a mental restlessness that would consume your mind and how it would affect the energy of your 3rd chakra (intellect and rational) and the 6th chakra (wisdom and intuition) and how you may find yourself mentally disoriented and indecisive. We offered there would be pronounced emotional highs and lows as your focus moved from the activities of the 2nd chakra (conditioned emotions and self-worth) and 4th chakra (self-love and self-esteem.)

Following the shift, we explained how you would feel it in your physical body. How you would experience extreme highs and lows in your energy. It would be as if one minute in your human time you would have an abundance of energy and the next hardly enough to pull yourself from a chair. We offered how you would find yourself taking a wait-and-see attitude and suggested in the time of such great change, it would be better to not act than to perpetuate behavior reflective of old thinking. We explained the need to become sensitive to the needs of your human structure as it would reveal areas within the body where there would be energy congestion, depletion, blockages and protrusions. We reminded you that the soul uses the body to reveal where there is the tendency to store negative emotions and limiting beliefs. We reminded you that unless these patterns are changed, they may lead to the malfunctioning of your physical frame and will hinder your moving forward in your evolutionary journey. We shared how there would be many who would use this shift as a Stargate to return home, and offered that death too, is a part of the order of evolution and that we without form await their return back to light.

In ending this recompilation of the year, be mindful its purpose was to awaken you from the state of an evolutionary sleeper and to expedite your being able to take your place in the universe as an agent of evolution. We asked the collective be cautious of your thoughts for they foretell the future.


Now, on to the sixth year of the new millennium. This year begins a fifty-year cycle of healing – a cycle that will start with the healing of the individual and will end with the healing of the collective. The energy of this year will mark the end of the discord that has developed between the mind, the body and the soul, and the beginning of the healing of the opposites. It will re-establish a vibrational harmony between those in matter with Mother Earth and both with the Universe. You have for so long been out-of-tune with each other and it is affecting the well-being of your body, the well-being of your Nurse the Earth, and the well-being of the Universe. Sadly, this discord has caused you in form to forget that all is energetically connected, and as a result what affects one, affects all. We, the council of the Melchizedeks and all others in the energetic realms of the Universe are here to assist you in your desire to heal the split that has distanced you from your home. We are here to hold the space for you as you shift from the perception offered in 2005 and awaken from your evolutionary slumber.

In this time of healing, your physical senses will be heightened and your awareness of things both external and internal will increase as you come to remember your role in the evolutionary process. You will, as if waking from a long nap, remember that the mind is the builder. All is mental. All is mind. You will come to know that all you experience is merely a reflection of that which you think. You will regain the remembrance from your past incarnations that it's the quality of thoughts that giveth and taketh away. It will become clear that if you want to change the quality of your experiences, then you must change the quality of your thoughts for one begets the other. That is the Law of Correspondence – the second Law of the Seven Universal Laws of Good Health. We offer that when your thoughts are healthy, your body will be healthy. When they're impure, meaning they're reflective of others' opinions and beliefs that seduce you into behavior contrary to your soul's intentions, it increases the possibility of malfunction in your physical form.

In your desire to know the energetic theme for this year of 2006, we offer that its theme is mental management, for this is the first Law in the Seven Universal Laws of Good Health. Because of the shift in consciousness that took place in 2005, and the clarity it offers, you will recognize quickly the quality of your thoughts. If out of alignment, you will experience exaggerated forms of stress and distress, meaning you will find it difficult to ignore what is occurring for the tension and aches and pains will be more pronounced. We caution you not to see this as punishment or to engage in beliefs you are doing something wrong for that is how your conditioning has taught you. Instead, we ask that you see it as merely your soul's way of alerting you something is in need of change and in need of changing immediately. You will find yourself desiring to create new patterns, and there will be a new word that will enter into your vocabulary.

Learning to be present in the moment when you feel out-of-sorts will help you identify where your thoughts are affecting your physical form. We encourage you to learn more about your energy body and its communication network referred to as the chakras, for it is there where healing occurs instantaneously and only requires the shifting of thoughts. Pay attention to where your thinking is leading you and take the time to eavesdrop on your self-talk. Question why you are experiencing the emotions of anger, frustration and resentment, for you will find their underlying causes to be motivated by fears. When you find yourself being disrespectful toward yourself, or badgering or berating your actions, stop immediately and remind yourself that such actions create discord between the mind, the body and the soul, and disharmony in the vibrational frequencies of your energy body. Ask yourself, “Are these the thoughts I desire to attract my experiences?” Practice holding yourself in the same compassion you give others. Avoid creating unrealistic expectations that cause you to feel poorly about yourself. Remember, you alone are responsible for your thoughts.

You asked for a word or words that you should be mindful of as you move forward throughout this coming year. The word we told you would enter into your vocabulary is the word hope , “an abundant wealth of optimism,” and share how its energy lifts one from the darkness into the light, and from despair into action. The energy of hope is contagious and insidious, and reflects your magnificence as it deepens your connection to the Source of all creation. Its energy increases your vibrational presence on the cosmic lattice and as a laser beam directs those who are in need of some hope to find you. We caution you to remember there is no such thing as false hope, for all hope moves one forward in their evolutionary journey. It might also be helpful if you remember that hope is the healing elixir offered by the soul, and that its vibrational properties have the strongest influence on health. It is also a critical antidote to fear, which is the strongest contributor to malfunction of the body and the creator of more fears.

Carol, your inquiry regarding how all in matter will spread this message of hope is an easy one, for many of you are already doing this through your words and actions. We, without form thank you, for we too, are enjoying its healing qualities. We offer that you will spread its energy vibrationally each time you speak the word or each time it becomes a part of your thinking. We offer how you are already doing it every time you share your stories telling of how you overcame adversity, how you faced with steadfastness life's challenges, and how you moved beyond self-perceived limitations.

Know that our role is to be of service and to support you in your quest for enlightenment. Know we are always here for you and love you and honor the work you are doing. Know you alone are powerful enough to heal not only what ails you personally, but what ails all globally. Stay on path. Do not stray. Do not lose hope. Do the work you are intended to do and you will find joy in your existence.

We would like to close our dialogue by the offering of this Prayer of Alchemy.

Oh Divine Mind that you would acknowledge my presence and expand my consciousness. That you would merge your mind with mine, so I that I may not create limiting thoughts or negative emotions that can harm my soul and body, nor will contribute to the mental limitations of others.

It is our suggestion that you speak it every day for the power of its vibration transmutes time, space, and matter and brings all to the same place.

This ends our message. And, so it is.

It is the desire of these non-physical beings who are the Order of the Melchizedeks, a group of evolved teachers and overseers of the evolutionary process, to let us know how much we are loved and how much we are supported in our quest for self-understanding and spiritual enlightenment. They offer their insights to provide the clarity and the guidance needed for us to move forward confidently and without struggle on our evolutionary journey.

©Copyright 2009 by Carol Ritberger, Ph.D., Medical Intuitive, and the Ritberger Media Group.

Please feel free to share this message and distribute it as you wish. Its copyright, however, prohibits its sale in any form except by the written permission of the Ritberger Media Group.